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"The primary mission and goal of TRIPLO PRESS is the issuance of trumpet ensemble music of the highest musical quality which follows the criteria of realistic accessibility within the given grade level and offers the player and audience alike a positive musical experience."
-James Olcott, prop., Triplo Press
"Triplo Press should be commended for an ongoing dedication to enhancing the trumpet ensemble repertoire by publishing quality arrangements and modern compositions for the genre."
- Luis Engelke
VIDEOS showing scores and playing the music are availabile for some Triplo Publications. Take a look at the list below!
Score and audio samples for most of the publications are of course still available! Simply click on or alongside the composition All recordings are overdubs by Jame Olcott unless otherwise noted



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Based on a beautiful vocal arrangement:
Gorgeous piece for 3 choirs of 4 each....
And don't forget our other free downloads:
Darn That Dream beautiful ballad for 5
America the Beautiful (Ward/Dragon/Olcott) for 12

Triplo Press is proud to announce the addition of
several NEW recordings of our publications. The pieces marked with an
asterisk have embedded videos!
BRAND NEW! Sicut lucutus est for 5 trumpets, by JS Bach, transcribed by James Klages
Main Theme from Star Wars for 11 trumpets, by John Williams, arranged by James Olcott
You'd be So Nice to Come Home To for 8 trumpets and rhythm section, arranged by Kevin Mills
Somewhere West of Sometime (for 6 trumpets and rhythm section), by Stan Bann (TRP-199)
Great is Thy Faithfulness (for 8 trumpets, set by Joel Mott/James Olcott (TRP-196)
La Sirena (for 4 trumpet and rhythm section), by Tim Ouimette (TRP-130)
Colonel Bogey March (for 12 trumpets, percussion), ar. by James Olcott (TRP-194)
Flourish of Trumpets (12 trumpets and percussion), by C.V. Stanford, ed. James Olcott (TRP-192)
Ave Maria (for 10 trumpets) by Franz Biebl, transcribed by James Olcott (TRP-188)
Celestial (for seven trumpets), by Eric Fregoso (TRP-190)
Cum Sanctus Spiritu - for four Bb trumpets, by W.A. Mozart, adapted by James Olcott (TRP-186)
Milestone - for six Bb trumpets, by Kent Boulton (TRP-187)
Destiny's Call - for six Bb trumpets, by Dustin Williams (TRP-184)
Tempestas - for seven Bb trumpets, by Joshua Hobbs (TRP-183)
Companion Series: Getchell Book 1 (five examples), by Phil Norris (TRP-176)
Portrait of a Trumpet - for fifteen trumpets, Sammy Nestico, arr. by James Olcott (TRP-175)
I Remember Clifford - for seven Bb trumpets & rhythm, arr. by James Olcott (TRP-174)
Concert Fanfare (simplified) - for four Bb trumpets, Ewazen (Moshier) (TRP-172)
9:20 Special - for five Bb trumpets, arr. by Curt Wilson (TRP170)
The Star Spangled Banner - for five, six, or eight Bb trumpets, arr. by James Olcott (TRP-39)
Fanfare: Hosting at Dawn - for nine Bb trumpets, Arnold Bax, arr. by James Olcott (TRP-169)
My Country, 'Tis of Thee (America) - for seven Bb trumpet, arranged by James Olcott (TRP-167)
The Standard - for ten Bb trumpets by James Olcott (TRP-167)
Soar - for five Bb trumpets by Joshua Hobbs (TRP-148)
Con Suerte - Latin jazz for four trumpets and rhythm section by Brad Sharp (TRP-109)
Salute! for eight Bb trumpets by James Olcott (TRP-157)*
Fanfare for the Green and Gold for eight Bb trumpets by Joshua Hobbs (TRP-160)
You're a Grand Old Flag for 13 trumpets by George M. Cohan, transc. by James Olcott (TRP-159)
His Honor for 16 trumpets by Henry Fillmore, transcribed by James Olcott (TRP-158)
Billy Boy for four or five trumpets, arranged d by James Olcott (TRP-161)
Potter's Hill Fanfare for four Bb trumpets by Russell Nagy (TRP-152)*
Homage for six Bb trumpets by Mik D'Ambrosio(TRP-151)*
Fantasy Fanfare for five Bb trumpets by Michael Bretz (TRP-095)*
Fanspherical Flourishes for six Bb trumpets by Rocky J. Reuter (TRP-042)*
Trumpets, a concert martch for ten trumpets, by James Olcott (TRP-150)*
Heralding for 13 trumpets, by Ronald LoPresti (TRP-41)*
Overture to Act IV of the Fairy Queen for eight trumpets, by Handel, arr. James Olcott (TRP-050)*
Seven Renaissance Intradas for six trumpets, by Hassler, arr. Andrew Dziuk (TRP-139)*
Three Snapshots for three trumpets, by Nicole Piunno (TRP-114)*
The Christmas Song for five trumpets, by Mel Tormé, arr.James Olcott (TRP-032)*
Three Nordic Quartets for four trumpets, by Vera Hørven and James Olcott (TRP-115)*
Tuba Mirum Fanfare from Requiem for 12 trumpets, by Verdi, arr.James Olcott (TRP-026)*
The Rakes of Mallow for seven trumpets, by Leroy Anderson, arr. Barry Ford (TRP-061)*
An Olcott Overture! for six trumpets, by Eric Ewazen (TRP-118)*
Compressionism for six trumpets, by Mike D'Ambrosio(TRP-124)*
NEW! Sleigh Ride for five trumpets and percussion, transcribed by Barry Ford
'Round Midnight for eight trumpets amd rhythm section, arranged by Kevin Mills
A Trumpeter's Lullaby for nine trumpets, by L. Anderson, arr .Olcott
Great Gate of Kiev fr. Pictures at an Exhibition for 12 trumpets, by Mussorgsky, arr. Ulrich
Olympic March and Fanfare for 11 trumpets by John Williams
Symphony IV, Mvnt 1 for five trumpets, by J. Brahms, arr. Wakeman, trans. McCullough
Almost Like Being in Love for 5 trumpets and rhythm section, arr by Olcott (after Kerry Marsh)
Taking a Chance on Love for 5 trumpets and rhythm section, arr by Olcott (after Kerry Marsh)
The Typewriter for 16 trumpets (incl. percussion), Leory Anderson, trans. Olcott
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