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Composer: Ewazen, Eric
Number of Trumpets: 6
Key: Bb Major concert
Duration: 3 minutes
Difficulty: 4
One of Triplo Press's most popular pieces, with over 850 copies sold since its publication in 2000. A very strong and colorful work with the harmonic, melodic, and dynamic color for which Eric Ewazen is so well known; uses interplay between the various players and pairings to excellent effect. Contrasts between fanfaresque and legato playing and loud and soft abound throughout. The tessitura of the first trumpet is at the top of the staff, with high C being the top note. Fun to rehearse because of the smart writing, and the product is very satisfying for both player and audience. An excellent contribution to the genre.

A shortened and simplified version for four trumpets of this piece (grade 2 - great for junior high level) is available. Click here for more information.
ITG Journal, March 2003, page 78:
...highly recommended for trumpet ensemble at the university level.
- Galindo Rodriguez, Northwestern State University, LA
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