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Composer: Arnold, Malcolm Henry
Number of Trumpets: 18
Accompaniment: 18 bass herald trumpets (18 trombones/euphoniums make a suitable substitution)
Key: Bb concert
Duration: 1 minute and 55 seconds
Difficulty: 4
Needs 18 trumpets AND 18 baritones or trombones. The original version of this magnificent fanfare. 18 trumpets and 18 bass clef brass instruments, originally bass herald trumpets. Six groups of six players each surround the audience for a quintessential British fanfare. This is the piece with the highest number of independent parts for a trumpet ensemble on record. In PDF format only. Also available for 36 trumpets (ed. Olcott) TRP-65, and transcribed for 12 trumpets (Olcott) TRP-33.
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