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Composer: Anderson, Leroy
Transcriber: Olcott, James L.
Number of Trumpets: 16
Key: Bb Major concert
Duration: 1 minute and 54 seconds
Difficulty: 5
A very fun an effective work. Technical demands in the melody line are what you would expect in this very famous piece, and the line is beautifully placed on E-flat trumpets. Playing the piece on the horns listed has a great effect on color, and a great - and fun - challenge for the players.
The other surprise with this arrangement is the percussion section, played by three trumpet players using their instruments to simulate the typewriter keystrokes, carriage bell and carriage return. Instructions are including in the publication. Listen to the recording to hear the effect and check out the treble clef sign next to the microphone to the right in this window. The piece can be played in the traditional manner with an actual typewriter (thus 13 rather than 16 trumpeters), but the other way is so much more fun...
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