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Composer: Reuter, Rocky J.
Number of Trumpets: 6
Key: Bb Major concert
Duration: 2 minutes and 10 seconds
Difficulty: 7
A through-written 20th century fanfare, highly idiomatic and dramatic. Commissioned by the Columbus (Ohio) Trumpet Consort. From the composer: "The title represents a combination of three words: �fanfare,� representing the purpose of the work; �atmospheric,� representing the �feel� of the piece; and �sphere,� representing the optional spatial placement of the performers around the perimeter of the performing space. This aggressively rhythmic miniature includes bitonal triadic clusters (scored for two opposing trios) and octatonic passages " NOTE: to view the video full screen to better see the music, click on the lower right hand corner of the video.
ITG Journal, September, 1993, page 53:
"...satisfying... exciting, strongly rhythmic work." "If your trumpet ensemble has a strong first player and solid supporting cast, this piece is for you!."
- Steven A. Schiemann, North Texas State University
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