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Composer: Olcott, James L.
Key: various
Duration: various
Difficulty: 6
The SMALL COMPANION, essentially second (duet) parts to the 27 Melodic and Rhytmical Excercises for Trumpet by J.L. Small, and part of Triplo Press's COMPANION SERIES, evolved from many years of using etudes from the standard pedagogical literature with students and playing 'behind' them to help with conceptions of sound, style, pitch, tempo, and phrase. In my experience, it was quickly found that focus on technique quickly gave way to a much more musical experience. These 27 etudes are fun, challenging, and satisfying by themselves, and can be played and studied as stand-alone works. They are most effective, however, when played as conceived: as duets to Small's etude book, published by Carl Fischer. The first recording is of Etude No. 1, while the second is of Etude No. 2.
ITG Journal, January 2009, page 80:
"...well conceived, easy to execute." "The amount of thought and effort that went into these duets is quite impressive. To this author, the greatest testament would be that although the Small Studies have not been required in my studio, the attractiveness of having this wonderful source as a musical reinforcement (as well as an end of the lesson duet reward) has moved me to change the syllabus for next year. Congratulations to James Olcott for another outstanding contribution to the pedagogical repertoire."
- James Zingara, Troy State University, Troy, Alabama, USA
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