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"The primary mission and goal of TRIPLO PRESS is the issuance of trumpet ensemble music of the highest musical quality which follows the criteria of realistic accessibility within the given grade level and offers the player and audience alike a positive musical experience."
-James Olcott, prop., Triplo Press
"Triplo Press should be commended for an ongoing dedication to enhancing the trumpet ensemble repertoire by publishing quality arrangements and modern compositions for the genre."
- Luis Engelke
NEW! Videos showing scores and playing the music now availabile for some Triplo Publications.
Take a look at the list below !
Score and audio samples for many of the publications are of course still available!   Simply click on or alongside the composition.
for 20 B-flat trumpets:
straight from the 2016 ITG Festival of Trumpets!
A march based on the Haydn Trumpet Concerto??
Yep! THE STANDARD, by James Olcott
For 10 B-flat trumpets. Check it out here
NEW from the Triplo Press
Earle Warren's

arr. by Curt Wilson for 5 trpts and rhythm

Looking for the CHARLIER, ARBAN and J.L. SMALL COMPANIONS? They're here too.


Another brand new piece by James Olcott

My Country, 'Tis of Thee (America)*
arranged by James Olcott for seven trumpets
and to help celebrate the Fourth of July...
*Introductory offer through July: only 99¢
- a n d -
Don't forget that free download of
America the Beautiful Ward/Dragon/Olcott)
for 12 trumpets

For the Jr. High set:
Three Nordic Quartets
and Three for Four)
Here is an excellent antiphonal fanfare that is
getting a lot of play!

Antiphon for Trumpets by Stan Pethel- six Bb trpts
A new addition to the a cappella JAZZ book!
Billy Boy James Olcott- 4-5 Bb trpts
A free download: Darn That Dream (Van Heusen/Olcott) for 5 trumpets.

Triplo Press is proud to announce the addition of
several new recordings of our publications. The pieces marked with an
asterisk have embedded videos!
New! Fanfare: Hosting at Dawn - for nine Bb trumpets, Arnold Bax, arr. by James Olcott (TRP-169)
UPDATED! The Star Spangled Banner - for five, six, or eight Bb trumpets, arr. by James Olcott (TRP-39)
NEW! My Country, 'Tis of Thee (America) - for seven Bb trumpet, arranged by James Olcott (TRP-167)
NEW! The Standard - for ten Bb trumpets by James Olcott (TRP-167)
NEW! Soar - for five Bb trumpets by Joshua Hobbs (TRP-148)
NEW! Con Suerte - Latin jazz for four trumpets and rhythm section by Brad Sharp (TRP-109)
NEW! Salute! for eight Bb trumpets by James Olcott (TRP-157)*
NEW! Fanfare for the Green and Gold for eight Bb trumpets by Joshua Hobbs (TRP-160)
NEW! You're a Grand Old Flag for 13 trumpets by George M. Cohan, transc. by James Olcott (TRP-159)
NEW! His Honor for 16 trumpets by Henry Fillmore, transcribed by James Olcott (TRP-158)
NEW! Billy Boy for four or five trumpets, arranged d by James Olcott (TRP-161)
Potter's Hill Fanfare for four Bb trumpets by Russell Nagy (TRP-152)*
Homage for six Bb trumpets by Mik D'Ambrosio(TRP-151)*
Fantasy Fanfare for five Bb trumpets by Michael Bretz (TRP-095)*
Fanspherical Flourishes for six Bb trumpets by Rocky J. Reuter (TRP-042)*
Trumpets, a concert martch for ten trumpets, by James Olcott (TRP-150)*
There Was a Pig Went Out to Dig for four trumpets, arr. Grainger/Munterfiring (TRP-149)
Variations On a Russian Folksong for five trumpets, by Dmitri Kabalevsky, transc. Santiago (TRP-147)
Three for Four for four trumpets, by James Olcott/Vera Hørven (TRP-140)
Three Miniatures for four trumpets, by Clint Needham (TRP-077)*
Seven Renaissance Intradas for six trumpets, by Hassler, trans. Andrew Dziuk (TRP-139)*
Act III, Scene 3 from Lohengrin for 12 trumpets and 4 flugelhorns, by Wagner, arr. James Olcott (TRP-097)*
Soundings for 12 trumpets, by Brian Balmages (TRP-138)*
Forever Sky for six trumpets, by Josh Hobbs (TRP-136)
Mambo's Mambo for four trumpets and rhythm, by Jack Kimmell (TRP-131)
Three Snapshots for three trumpets, by Nicole Piunno (TRP-114)*
Lascia ch'io pianga for five trumpets, by Handel, arr. Eric Swisher (TRP-135)*
Rondeau for five trumpets and organ, by Mouret, arr. James Olcott (TRP-020)
Canzona noni toni a 12 for twelve trumpets, by Gabrieli, arr. David Brown (TRP-132)*
Canzona septimi toni a 8 for eight trumpets, by Gabrieli, arr. David Brown (TRP-123)*
Heralding for 13 trumpets, by Ronald LoPresti (TRP-41)*
Overture to Act IV of the Fairy Queen for eight trumpets, by Handel, arr. James Olcott (TRP-050)*
Seven Renaissance Intradas for six trumpets, by Hassler, arr. Andrew Dziuk (TRP-139)*
Three Snapshots for three trumpets, by Nicole Piunno (TRP-114)*
The Christmas Song for five trumpets, by Mel Tormé, arr.James Olcott (TRP-032)*
Three Nordic Quartets for four trumpets, by Vera Hørven and James Olcott (TRP-115)*
Tuba Mirum Fanfare from Requiem for 12 trumpets, by Verdi, arr.James Olcott (TRP-026)*
The Rakes of Mallow for seven trumpets, by Leroy Anderson, arr. Barry Ford (TRP-061)*
An Olcott Overture! for six trumpets, by Eric Ewazen (TRP-118)*
Compressionism for six trumpets, by Mike D'Ambrosio(TRP-124)*