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arranged for trumpet ensemble by James Olcott


by Mykhailo Mykhailovych Verbytsky, arranged by James Olcott.

To be played at any occasion where it is wished that compassion, support and solidarity for the country of Ukraine be expressed.

Instrumentation: Eight trumpets in B-flat with four flugelhorns and percussion (snare drum, cymbals and bass drum).

This arrangement can be performed as a solo, as a duet, as a trio, etc, up to eight trumpets, by adding the next part in the score. The four flugelhorn parts add depth and padding to the sound.  


Click here to hear a recording of this arrangement with full instrumentation and video treatment.

Download here. Includes score and parts (pdf format).

In this conception of the anthem, it is to start out symbolizing a country alone, quiet but iron-willed, clear of mind, determined and resolved, to be quickly joined by more and more forces as the piece progresses, building to a climax of strength, unity, and defiance.

Permission is granted to download the recording on this site for use on social media with appropriate credit given to Triplo Press and James Olcott. Permission is given to download, copy and distribute the printed music of this arrangement worldwide, again with acknowledged credit. Recording or distribution of this arrangment by any means for profit is strictly prohibited.
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