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Winter 2021
Spring 2021
Winter 2020
Busch/Barcenes: Three of Us
Spring 2020
Pethel: Equinox
Runyon/Mott and Olcott: Great is Thy Faithfulness
Hassler/Gianola-Norris: Seven Renaissance Intradas
Winter 2019
Alford/Olcott: Colonel Bogey March
traditional/Olcott: Hava Nagila
Summer 2019
Butterfield/Villanueva: Taps (this publication is free to the public)
Fregoso: Celestial
Spring 2019
Biebl: Ave Maria
Winter 2018
Boulton: Milestone
Fall 2018
Summer 2018
Williams: Destiny's Call
Hobbs: Tempestas
Mozart/Gianola-Norris: Presto from Symphony No. 1
Holst, Gustav/DeGoti: March from Second Suite in F
Fall 2017
Lavallee, Calixa/Olcott: O Canada
Harbinson, William: Two Carols for Christmastime
Bull, John/Olcott: My Country, 'Tis of Thee
Warren, Earle/Wilson: 9:20 Special
Summer 2017
Olcott, James: The Standard
Spring 2017
Gillis, Richard: The Gaze
Gillis, Richard: Legbone
Chamberlain, Ronald: Fanfare for Trumpets
Marshall, Christopher: Kentucky
Winter 2016
Fillmore, Henry/Olcott, James: His Honor
Olcott, James: Salute! A US Armed Services Medley
Cohan, George M./Olcott James: You're a Grand Old Flag
traditional/Olcott, James: Billy Boy
Fall 2016
Verdi Giuseppe/Turnbull, David:: Triumphal March from Aida
Beach, Amy/Gianola-Norris: Gavotte
Pethel, Stan: Antiphon for Trumpets
Summer 2016
Arnesen, Kim André: Even When His is Silent
Spring 2016
D'Ambrosio, Mike: Homage
Nagy Russell: Potter's Hill Fanfare
Fall 2015
Hobbs, Joshua: Soar
anon./Grainger/Muntefering: There Was a Pig Went Out to Dig
Olcott, James: Trumpets, a concert march for trumpet ensemble
Olcott, James: TranspoJazz
Kabelevsky/Santiago: Variations on a Russian Folk Song
Spring 2015
da Silva (Duda), José Ursicino: Fantasia Pernambucana
Santiago, Glauber: Sol e Pedra
Santiago, Glauber: Brazil: 250 Years
Fall 2014
Verdi/Turnbull.: Laudi alla Vergine Maria
Summer 2014
Balmages, Brian: Soundings (twelve trumpets)
Hassler/Dziuk: Seven Renaissance Intradas (six trumpets)
Horven, Olcott: Three for Four (four trumpets)
Spring 2014
Handel/Swisher: Lascia ch'io pianga (five trumpets)
Hobbs, Josh: Forever Sky (six trumpets)
Ouimette, Tim: Tap Dance (four trumpets w/rhythm section)
Fall 2013
Page, Bryan: First Light (seven trumpets)
Bach, J.S./Millsap: Christmas Oratorio, Opener from Part I (eight trumpets)
Summer 2013
Kimmell, Jack: Mambo's Mambo (four trumpets w/rhythm section)
Gabrieli/Brown: Canzona noni toni (twelve trumpets)
Spring 2013
Ouimette, Tim: The Scooter (four trumpets w/rhythm section)
Ouimette, Tim: La Sirena (four trumpets w/rhythm section)
Fall 2012
Hubbbard/Wilson: Up Jumped Spring (five trumpets w/rhythm section)
Levy: Dialogues (four trumpets)
Summer 2012
Jaquith: Shades of Red (eight trumpets)
Armstrong (arr. Vax): Cornet Chop Suey (four trumpets w/rhythm section)
Gabrieli (arr. Brown): Canzona Septimi Toni (eight trumpets)
D'Ambrosio: Compressionism (six trumpets)
Spring 2012
Ewazen: An Olcott Overture! (six trumpets)
Anderson (arr. Metzger): Bugler's Holiday (four trumpets acapella)
Price, William: Pieces of Eight (eight trumpets)
Fall 2011
Piunno, Nicole: Three Snapshots (three B-flat trumepts)
Horven/Olcott: Three Nordic Quartets (for the younger set)
Price, Joe: Bourbon Street Breakdown (for five B-flat trumpets)
Price, Joe: Westward Ho! (from Sinfonia Americana- five B-flat trumpets)
Price, Joe: Square Dance (extremely fun piece for five B-flat trumpets)
Spring 2011
Haskell: Woolloommooloo Overserved (7 trps and rhythm section)
Sharp: Con Suerte (salsa for 4 B-flat trumpets and rhythm section)
Fall 2010
Arnold, Malcolm: A Hoffnung Fanfare (the original: 36 trumpets)
Puente, Tito (transc. Olcott): Mambo Beat (five B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Ross, Elaine: Neon Fanfare (six B-flat-trumpets)
Sharp, Brad: One on Top (four B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Summer 2010
Brown/Sharp: Joy Spring (4 trumpets)
Green/Buselli: Body and Soul (4 B-flat trumpets)
Wilkins/Sharp: Dizzy's Business (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Hart/Sharp: Falling in Love with Love (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Spring 2010
Sharp: Cookin' (5 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
D'Ambrosio: Ice Town (6 B-flat trumpets)
Price: Entrada Dramatica (5 B-flat trumpets)
Fall 2009
Wagner/Olcott: Lohengrin: March from Act III (12 B-flat trumpets, 4 flugels)
Payton: The Three Trumpeteers (3 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Bretz: Fantasy Fanfare (5 B-flat trumpets)
Fall 2008
Gates: Three Pieces (four B-flat trumpets)
Hernandez/Morales-Matos: El Cumbanchero (4 B-flat trps w/rhythm section)
Hubbard/Kase: Crisis (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Ellington/Wilson: Sophisticated Lady (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Mobley/Gale: Bossa de Lux (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Spring 2008
Harrison: A Bona Fide Bossa (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Harrison: Nasty Sabrina (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Harrison: Four Orthers (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Harrison: Laura! Are You in There? (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)
Harrison: Fat Vinnie (4 B-flat trumpets w/rhythm section)