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Composer: Chamberlain, Ronald
Number of Trumpets: 12
Key: C Major concert
Duration: 3 minutes and 15 seconds
Difficulty: 5
FANFARE FOR TRUMPETS is a study of nine short melodic snippits presented separately in echo, traded between two trumpet quartets and a flugelhorn quartet, developed, fragmented and piled up on top of one another in this most unusual and fascinating composition. The piece is a challenge in counting, style, and dynamics for the players, and a crowd pleaser that easily holds the audience's attention.
ITG Journal, October 2019, page 111:
"Fanfare for a study of nine short melodic ideas. As the listener follows these melodic fragments throughout the piece, he or she observes how the fragments are presented in echo, passed between the three quartets, and developed and combined in this unusual, yet undeniably charming composition." "...(the piece) represents a welcome departure from some of the tropes of the literature available for trumpet ensemble"..."artistically challenging and rewarding and would be wonderful addition to any recital."
- Clinton Linkmeyer - University of Kentucky-Lexington
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