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The Triplo Press Ecumenical Series

CompanionlogoThe TRIPLO PRESS ECUMENICAL SERIES is comprised of works that support and offer words and music of celebration, praise, reverence, contemplation, and comfort. Some are based on well-known ecumenical hymns and are transcriptions of arrangements done for voices, while others are either original choral works that have been transcribed for trumpets or original works for trumpet ensemble.
Songs for Service and Celebration
Traditional Church Hymns with descants (J. Olcott) - 3 B-flat trpts - grade 3
Christmas Carol Accompaniments (J. Olcott) - six B-flat trumpets - grade 3
Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah (GF Handel/B. Ford) - 10 B-flat trpts - grade 5
Wedding March (F. Mendelssohn/James Olcott) - five B-flat trumpets - grade 3
Wedding March from Lohengrin (R. Wagner/J. Olcott) - six B-flat trps - grade 3
Hava Nagila (Idelsohn/Nathanson/James Olcott) - 12 B-flat trumpets - grade 4
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Compositions for Comfort
Heralding (Ronald LoPresti) - 13 B-flat trumpets - grade 3
If Thou Be Near (JS Bach/Barry Ford) - six B-flat trumpets - grade 3
Laschia ch'io pianga (Mozart/Swisher) - B-flat trpt and four flglhrns - grade 6
Laudi alla Vergine Maria (G. Verdi/David Turnbull) - four B-flat trumpets - grade 4
Even When He is Silent (Arnesen/James Olcott) - eight B-flat trumpets - grade 5
Ave Maria (F. Beibl/James Olcott) - 12 B-flat trumpets - grade 4
Great is Thy Faithfulness (Runyon/Mott/Olcott) - 8 B-flat trumpets - grade 5