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Triplo Press' Music from Brazil Series

TRIPLO PRESS' MUSIC FROM BRAZIL SERIES is a set of works with foundations in the unique musical styles and rhythms that are indiginous to Brazil. Challenging and fun for both player and listener, these hand-picked works make excellent selections for programming. Details of artilulation, accents, and sense of time are put to the test in these wonderful compositions.
Initial Releases (Fall 2014)
Fantasia Brasileira (da Silva) (five trumpets) - grade 7
Fantasia Pernambucana (da Silva) (five trumpets) - grade 4
Sun and Stone (Santiago) (five trumpets) - grade 4
Brazil: 250 Years (Santiago) (five trumpets - grade 5
From the ITG Journal, October 2004:
(regarding Fantasia Brasileira): "...exciting and challenging piece that is suited for advaned players. Once these challenges are met, the listener and ensemble are rewarded with lush harmonies, beautiful solo lines, and the excitement that characterizs Brazilian music."
- Daniel Kelly, University of Illinois-Urbana