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Triplo Press Concert Classics Series

CompanionlogoThe TRIPLO PRESS CONCERT CLASSICS SERIES is comprised of transcriptions of classic works originally for orchestra or concert band that lend themselves perfectly to the trumpet ensemble idiom. Skillfully crafted to utilize the colors of the various instruments of the trumpet family, they are intriguing and hypnotizing to the audience and fun and satisfying to the players.
The Triplo Press Concert Classics Series - Orchestra
Danse Boheme (Bizet/Olcott) for 12 trumpets and organ [grade 8]
Final Hymn from Firebird (Stravinsky/Olcott) for ten trpts and organ [grade 3]
Grand March from Aida (Verdi/Turnbull) for 20 trumpets [grade 5]
Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah (HandelOlcott) for ten trumpets [grade 5]
Lohengrin, Act III, Scene 3 Opener (Wagner/Olcott) for 16 trumpets [grade 6]
Marriage of Figaro Overture (Mozart/Swisher) for eight trumpets [grade 6]
Music for the Royal Fireworks Overture (Handel/Olcott) for 18 trumpets [grade 7]
Poet and Peasant Overture (von Suppe/Serber) for 18 trumpets [grade 8]
Sinfonietta: Sokol Fanfare (Janacek/Olcott) for nine trpts plus low brass [grade 6]
Tuba Mirum from Requium (Verdi/Olcott) for 12 trumpets [grade 5]
The Triplo Press Concert Classics Series - Band
Bugler's Holiday (Anderson/Hickman) for 12 trumpets [grade 6]
Concert Etude (Goedicke/Hickman) for 12trumpets [grade 6]
March from 2nd Suite in F (Holst/Hoffman) for 11 trumpets [grade 5]
Song of the Blacksmith fr. Suite No. 2 in F (Holst/Hoffman) for 11 trpts [grade 5]
Rakes of Mallow, The (Anderson/Ford) for seven trumpets [grade 4]
Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon (Grainger/Ford) for seven trumpets - grade 5