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Triplo Press accepts submissions of works for trumpet ensemble (three or more trumpets) for the consideration of possible publication, and is open to all. As you consider this, please peruse the Triplo Press catalogue and see if your music fits with the kinds of music we publish.
Triplo Press publishes only works in the public domain and new compositions, with rare occasions otherwise. If your submission is an arrangement or transcription of a copyrighted work, you must first have obtained permission from the copyright holder to arrange or transcribe it before submitting it to Triplo Press for publication consideration.
We do our music typesetting with Finale. Feel free to email any files to us (see below). If the music is in manuscript, please send a recording as well. Please note that the score and recordings will not be returned to you unless another envelope and appropriate postage is attached.
Please understand that the process of looking at scores and listening to people's music takes time. Triplo Press routinely receives new works for consideration. Every piece is studied carefully for quality and marketability, and the process to decide whether or not to publish a piece could take a month or two. Your patience in this process is appreciated.
Please refer to the information on our Contact page for where to send submissions. Thank you for your interest in Triplo Press.