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Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Transcriber: Millsap, Kyle
Number of Trumpets: 8
Key: D Major concert
Duration: 7 minutes and 50 seconds
Difficulty: 7
"Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tage!," the famous opener to Bach's landmark piece, arranged for two piccolo trumpets, one D trumpet, two C trumpets, two B-flat trumpets, and flugelhorn. Very effective and quite exciting, with the famous lines heard in wonderful, intertwisting counterpoint. Almost an "8" in its complexity and demands, but it is worth it!
ITG Journal, October 2015, page 93:
Although challenging due to the use of multiple trumpets in the original key of D, (this) highly effective adaptation will undoubtedly be very enjoyable...for both the performers and the audience, especially when adding a splash of Baroque color from a major work to any holiday program.
- James Zingara
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