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Composer: Price, William
Number of Trumpets: 8
Key: Bb concert
Duration: 6 minutes and 1 seconds
Difficulty: 6
Dedicated to Marc Reed and the University of Alabama at Birmingham Trumpet Ensemble, Pieces of Eight begins with a lush, contrapuntal chorale, which returns as a varied refrain in the faster, rhythmically playful second section. Featuring numerous changes of mood, timbre, and texture, this challenging and exciting work builds to a rousing climax and will be a great way to end any concert.
ITG Journal, June 2014, page 95:
"...a beautifully crafted lyrical introduction with long, flowing, song-like phrases and a faster, playful, syncopated section, reminiscent of the music of Anthony Plog...Pieces of Eight would be a welcome addition to any trumpet ensemble or studio recital program."
- Benjamin Fairfield
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