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Composer: Olcott, James L.
Number of Trumpets: 10
Key: Eb Major concert
Duration: 2 minutes and 37 seconds
Difficulty: 4
A lively and fun march that owes its name due to its inspiration, namely the most standard work in the trumpet literature, the Trumpet Concerto in E-flat by Franz Joseph Haydn. Most every phrase and harmonic sequence is a direct descendant of some passage in the trumpet's most well-known solo composition.
ITG Journal, March 2019, page 99:
"James Olcott has been providing quality arrangements for trumpet ensemble for many years. With The Standard, however, Olcott contributes his own work in the form of a march for ten-piece trumpets ensemble (in B-flat) based on the most standard piece in our repertoire—the Haydn Trumpet Concerto. Some passages are cleverly subtle, as in the opening theme that incorporates quotations from the first and second movements. Others are much more obvious, as in the trio in which material from the third movement is prominently featured. As a part of Triplo Press's Patriotic Series... "this enjoyable piece could be included in any patriotic or trumpet ensemble program with younger students or more accomplished players." This celebration of our instrument's most well-known work will delight any audience..."
- William Takacs, West Texas A&M University
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