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Composer: Ewazen, Eric
Number of Trumpets: 6
Key: C concert
Duration: 3 minutes and 15 seconds
Difficulty: 5
From the composer: "An Olcott Overture! is dedicated to my friend and publisher of several of my trumpet ensemble works, James Olcott. Stylistically and harmonically, the piece shows my Eastern European heritage, with rhythms that are in mixed meters and a texture which is gutsy and rustic. The bright, brilliant sound of the trumpet is yet another inspiration to me, with the sound of resonant fanfares and rich chords creating a heroic and celebratory sound." Setup on stage from left to right: 3-2-1-4-5-6. NOTE: to view the video full screen to better see the music, click on the lower right hand corner of the video.
ITG Journal, October 2012, page 89:
..."a brilliant work..." "The dynamics, tone colors, and rhythmic intensity are both captivating and inspiring for the performer and audience."
- Brian Shook
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