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Composer: Olcott, James L.
Number of Trumpets: 10
Key: F concert
Duration: 2 minutes and 37 seconds
Difficulty: 5
An original medium tempo concert march in 6/8 in the style of Sousa. Arpeggiated duets in the B and C sections of the work highlight the "trumpet" aspect of the piece, and it is a great deal of fun to play and listen to. For clearest effect, flugelhorns are suggested for parts nine and ten, and an E-flat trumpet is preferred over a B-flat trumpet or B-flat piccolo trumpet for part five so as to help blend and balance. An alternate part for E-flat trumpet is provided in this publication for part five. "Trumpets" is the first original work written specifically for trumpet ensemble in the traditional march style, and was penned for and premiered by the Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA to high enthusiasm. NOTE: to view the video full screen to better see the music, click on the lower right hand corner of the video.
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