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Composer: Harbinson, William G.
Number of Trumpets: 6
Accompaniment: optional percussion
Key: Bb Major concert
Duration: 3 minutes and 16 seconds
Difficulty: 4
Sussex Carol and Wexler Carol are the two Christmas classics that Mr. Harbinson incorporates into this beautiful arrangement. One piccolo trumpet and five Bb's are used for the joyous Sussex Carol, and the five lower voices switch over to flugelhorns for a very warm rendition of the Wexler that utilizes beautiful counter-melodies. Optional percussion includes finger cymbals, triangle, high tomtom, and crash cymbals. (The first recording is without percussion; the second with). A very effective and enjoyable arrangement.
ITG Journal, January 2019, page 85:
"...appropriate for college and professional ensemble looking for variety in a holiday concert." "A welcome addition to the repertoire and an entertaining work for holiday events."
- Benjamin Hay
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