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Composer: Hobbs, Joshua
Number of Trumpets: 6
Key: C Major concert
Duration: 4 minutes and 9 seconds
Difficulty: 7
A striking and innovative work with rhythmic, harmonic and melodic excitement. Beautifully written and great fun for the players and audience alike. Three of the parts double on flugelhorns. The recording says it all.
ITG Journal, Jaunary 2015, page 101:
" exciting piece for the intermediate/advanced undergraduate trumpet ensemble, and directors will appreciate the challenges presented. Developing consistency of intonation, balance, and color between C trumpets and flugelhorns will challenge students’ abilities to listen and adjust within the ensemble (as will) frequent use of double tonguing, syncopation, duple/triple rhythmic ostinati, extremities of range and large intervallic leaps. The piece can effectively be used to open or close a recital. Beautiful melodic lines, interesting group textures, and a wide rhythmic vocabulary await those who have time to prepare this excellent piece to performance quality."
- Jesse Cook, Northeastern State University, Tahequah, OK
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