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Composer: Gillis, Richard
Number of Trumpets: 4
Key: Eb Minor concert
Duration: 2 minutes and 32 seconds
Difficulty: 5
Medium tempo (ca.120 bpm) a capella latin with a terrific understated feel and captivating rhythmic lines in bass, accompaniment, and melody. The use of rhythm and rhythmic space is rather unique - and really fun. Tricky rhythms. A great change-of-pace from the usual trumpet section jazz material. By the way, the recording is by the composer. Nice, isn't it?
ITG Journal, January 2019, page 85:
The Gaze (and Legbone, also published by Triplo Press): "... suitable for an advanced high school or early college jazz trumpet ensemble"..."should be real audience pleasers due to their catchy and memorable tunes."
- Scott Hagarty
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