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Composer: Puente, Tito
Transcriber: Olcott, James L.
Number of Trumpets: 5
Accompaniment: piano, guitar (opt.), bass and drums
Key: Eb Major concert
Duration: 4 minutes
Difficulty: 5
Mambo Beat, written in the mid 1950's, was originally an instrumental showcase labeled as "mambo jazz" and has been updated starting at the solo section to reflect the more modern salsa feel. Every effort has been made to make this transcription/arrangement as authentic as possible, giving written examples of the authentic styles for the rhythm section. The piano part is written with stylistic patterns. The bass part should be read as written. The latin percussion instruments (patterns are given as examples) heighten the authenticity of the work but are not necessary. The guitar part is supplemental. The recording is of the beginning of the piece and does not reflect the salsa section, which carries the arrangement to the end. (see the piano part in the written example).
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