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Composer: Loewe, Frederick
Transcriber: Olcott, James L.
Number of Trumpets: 5
Accompaniment: Piano, guitar, bass, drums
Key: Ab Major concert
Duration: 2 minutes and 51 seconds
Difficulty: 6
Up-tempo straight-ahead swinger. Great lines and harmonies. Some tricky but really fun be-bop licks. Originally written by Kerry Marsh as a jazz vocal chart, the voicings and interplay lend themselves beautifully to a trumpet section. Swings like crazy.
ITG Journal, January 2024, page 78::
"If you are looking for a powerful tune for your jazz band or trumpet ensemble, look no further than this fresh arrangement...", " exhilarating new release of Frederick Loewe’s classic", "A beautiful, harmonized melody showcasing the entire trumpet quintet..."
- Christopher Braun, adjunct trumpet instructor, Sinclair College,
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