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Composer: Clarke, Jeremiah
Arranger: Olcott, James L.
Number of Trumpets: 6
Key: D Major concert
Duration: 2 minutes
Difficulty: 5
Part of the Cincinnati Herald Trumpet Series. In D concert, so this arrangement is a little tougher than some others in the series, but it is simple to put together and very effective. The melody moves from voice to voice so that no one takes the brunt of the relatively high tessitura. Excellent for teaching the piece.and the appropriate style.
ITG Journal, December, 1990, page 28:
"(The Trumpet Voluntary is one of a set of)...extremely attractive and useful arrangements for trumpet ensembles.... simple, straightforward, and require a minimum of rehearsal time. They do not make extreme demands in terms of range or endurance... music is clearly printed, with no awkward page turns. (Olcott) demonstrates his usual expert arranging skill in providing as much variety and melodic interest as possible in the inner parts while rotating the melody among the players."
- Steven Winick, School of Music, Georgia State University
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