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Composer: Key, Francis Scott
Arranger: Olcott, James L.
Number of Trumpets: 5
Key: Bb Major concert
Duration: 1 minute and 10 seconds
Difficulty: 2
For five or six B-flat trumpets. Full sounding. Easy and eminently useful. For the Cincinnati Herald Trumpet Ensemble. There are two recording here. The first is as in the score: 5 or 6 parts. The second is with an added two-trumpet descant, not represented in the score, but is included in the printed and pdf versions of this publication. When the descant is used, the difficulty level is raised to a 4.
ITG Journal, December, 1992, page 40-41:
"The power and dignity of the trumpet is wonderful to hear in this arrangement of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER. ...successful in presenting our national anthem in an effective and enjoyable fashion."
- Bruce Chidester, School of Music, University of Northern Iowa, C
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