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Composer: Olcott, James L.
Number of Trumpets: 4
Key: various
Duration: various
Difficulty: 5
A set of fourteen short jazz quartets for reading and teaching. Fun and musically satisfying for both player and listener. Great for small concert pieces and for practicing and teaching style. Encompasses varying tempos and styles of swing and Latin. Recording "A" has no.'s 1 through 12. Recording "B" has no.'s 13 and 14. A fifth trumpet part can be downloaded by clicking here. Click here to download a folder of rhythm section parts to accompany this publication (a .zip folder with pdf files). Leadsheets for soloing are also included.
ITG Journal, June 2008, page 80:
"..immediately engaging"..."lighthearted, enjoyable"..."without question, the quartets are extremely useful in the studio setting, providing excellent reading material and a new way of studying style and nuance"..."could be programmed as a set on a recital or even used as background music..."
- Luis Engelke
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